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Hei (2016):

16 years old,form 4 student

Love music

Because of discrimination by classmates, but listening to songs can be absorbed in their own world.

He is immature and impatient. I think that my mother intentionally delayed to keep myself from banding with my friends and did not understand the family situation at that time.

Florence YUM 詠賢- compcard1 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Siou (Mum): 

40 years old

Heavy accent, stubbornness, and inability to adapt.

Helpful, kind-hearted, kind, hard-working and diligent.

Work three jobs at once to barely cover expenses.

She was distressed that she could not give her son a normal family environment, but her son did not understand his mother's pain, which made her even more agitated.


Hei (2021): 

21 years old, just graduated from college

Mature and stable in mind.

He felt very sorry for what he said to his mother back then.


Mangaer in the restaurant: 

31 years old

Siou's former boss

Serious style


Crude young male: 

25 years old

A customer at the restaurant

Fiercer in appearance



21 years old

​People who are helped by Siou

A look of needing help

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