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World view

According to the "Hong Kong Poverty Report 2020" released by the government at the end of 2021, the poverty population in Hong Kong will be as high as 165.3 in 2020 (before policy intervention) and the poverty rate will be 23.6%, which is a record high. We hope that more people will pay attention to and respect these needy people.


Story introduction

Hei was packing his things at home because of moving, and suddenly saw a tin box in the corner of the cabinet that he had never seen before, and found a mandarava in the box, and also found a pile of pictures of him and his mother beside the table. He picked up one of the photos, looked at it, felt a little hurt, and put it in the tin box.

  In 2014, one day was Siou’s birthday. On that day, Hei quarreled with his mother (Siou) over music, and he didn’t understand how serious the suffering at home was.

  After Hei put a photo in the tin box, he returned to the scene after quarreling with Siou in 2014, and the real time stopped. Hei met his mother who had passed away again and returned to the present after saying to his mother what he hadn't said many years ago.

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